The Gamefish of North America

Gamefish Posters & Prints

Here are the gamefish of North America - in biologically exact detail by noted fish illustrators Ron Pittard and Joseph Tomelleri. All prints shipped rolled in a poly sleeve. Also available framed. See "How to Order" page.

Trout, Salmon & Char of North America - Males
Artist - Ron Pittard 23" x 37"
State-of-the-art in Trout Identification. All the rainbow races, salmon, char, grayling, ten cutthroat races, goldens, Apache, gila, paiute, alvord, bull trout, siscowet, sunappe, brook, laker, grayling and more - males in spawning colors.
Print rolled in poly sleeve $ 20.00. Includes shipping.
Companion chart - females - rolled in poly sleeve twenty dollars
Framed - natural oak - $ 125.00. Also available in gold or black metal.
Companion Print - Female - Trout, Salmon & Char of North America
Same size and price as male chart.

Warmwater Gamefish of North America
Artist: Joseph Tomelleri - 24" x 36"
Thirty individual illustrations including: sunfish, crappie, black bass, white bass, yellow bass, striper, walleye, sauger, musky, pike and all the catfish - even the bullhead.
Rolled in poly sleeve $ 20.00 includes shipping.
Framed - $ 100.00. Select oak, black or gold metal.

Individual Prints
We have most North American gamefish as individual prints in varous sizes - matted and shrink-wrapped or available framed.
Inquire specifying particular species.

Freshwater Bass of North America
Artist: Ron Pittard 24" x 36"
A bass angler's masterpiece! This chart includes fifteen bass, northern largemouth, whiterock, smallmouth, redeye, rock, striper, white, yellow, roanoke, suwannee, shoal, guadalupe, Alabama spotted, Florida largemouth and white perch.

Rolled in poly sleeve $ 20.00 including shipping.
Framed - $ 100.00 oak, black or gold metal.